Networking Solution

With the growth of companies leading to widespread geographical operations and addition of complex new technologies - network efficiency & availability gains paramount importance. Experts at Ensure Services understand this need of organizations and focus on creating solutions that are robust, come with high-speed connectivity.

Networking Solutions from Ensure Services help our clients in maximizing the value of current network infrastructure by identifying risks and opportunities, analyzing network approaches and recommending network services to optimize their network. Further, our proactive monitoring and capacity planning methodologies help our clients further decrease the operational costs while increasing the productivity.

  • Structured Cabling
  • Switching Solutions
  • Routing Solutions
  • Wireless Solutions

CCTV Camera Installation

CCTV is a monitoring system that allows a business to record footage based on the system's programming. A closed circuit television, or CCTV, describes a system that captures and records video on a closed, connected system. This differs from broadcast television in that a CCTV system involves a direct cable or wireless connection between a camera, receiver and recording device, as opposed to a wireless signal publicly broadcast to multiple, properly attuned receivers. CCTV systems are used for surveillance purposes, to increase levels of safety and security.

Systems are often implemented because they:

  • Deter theft
  • Reduce vandalism
  • Monitor high risk or secure areas
  • Ensure quality control
  • Decrease liabilities (ex. fraudulent injury claims)
  • Increase safety for staff in facilities and parking areas
  • Provide evidence by recording from the earliest stages of break-in attempts
  • Confirm remote processes are running properly

A basic CCTV system consists of three components: a camera, monitor and recording or storage device. These pieces of equipment connect with coaxial cables or wireless signals, which carry the image data the camera captures for viewing and recording. Different styles and varieties of cameras are available depending upon your specific surveillance needs, including outdoor models, zoom cameras and dome types.

Computer Maintenance

We provide a complete solution for your computing needs, including software, hardware, consulting services, and overall computer support.

We provide support for all PC-compatibles and printers. Application support for most business applications. Networking support for Novell Netware and Microsoft Windows and Windows Server. When you need help with organizing your business and want to protect your computers from outside threats but you're on a strict budget, Computer Maintenance Service's solutions can help. Because our services are fully scalable and available for a flat-rate fee, you'll never have to worry about an IT cost you can't cover. With no additional IT staff needed and no initial capital investment required, you can now direct your cash to more important, business growing prospects, and leave the little things to us.

You can rely on us before and after the sale to perform an accurate analysis of your business accounting needs, to give reliable advice, and to provide hardware and software support.

Printer Maintenance

With our printer management services we are able to offer printer servicing and maintenance options to suit all budgets. From one off preventative maintenance or service visits, to annual on-site printer maintenance contracts, call us to discuss.

The best way to resolve printer problems is to stop them happening by regular preventive maintenance. Here are a number of common-sense and technical procedures that keep a printer working and reliable: Plug the printer into a surge protector or UPS (uninterruptible power supply). On a laser printer, first make sure that the UPS is capable of handling the power demands of the printer at start-up; few conventional PC UPS units can. Make sure all users know the types and weights of paper recommended for the printer to avoid print feed path jams. Some printers prefer laser paper that is finished on one side. Clean dot-matrix printers regularly by vacuuming or blowing them out with compressed air.

Use a wire brush or rubber-conditioning product to clean and maintain the paper transport of an ink-jet or laser printer. When trying to clear the paper path, never put anything inside a laser printer while it's running and always wait until the fusing area has cooled down before working in this area of a laser printer; it generates a lot of heat to melt the toner to the paper and stays hot for some time afterward.

OFC Cable Solutions

An optical fiber cable, also known as a fiber optic cable, is an assembly similar to an electrical cable, but containing one or more optical fibers that are used to carry light.

The optical fiber elements are typically individually coated with plastic layers and contained in a protective tube suitable for the environment where the cable will be deployed. Different types of cable are used for different applications, for example long distance telecommunication, or providing a high-speed data connection between different parts of a building.